Dual screen reality

For the first time yesterday, I found myself using both my mobile phone and TV in perfect combination as I sought to look through some videos from YouTube. I own an LG smart TV and in the past have used it pretty well for watching BBC iplayer content, but very little else.

During a conversation with a friend during the day, we had been nostalgic about some of the old dramas and comedies which were created in the UK in the 1980s but which were now rarely if ever repeated on “normal” TV. Several shows came up including “Ever decreasing circles”, a comedy starring the very funny Richard Briers, “Blakes 7” a sci-fi drama for children and “The great egg race”, a challenge show which pitted teams against each other to make something from various scrap (not dissimilar to the current scrap heap challenge show).

I thought I would check on YouTube to see what was available and I was not disappointed when I found almost all of the episodes of EDC and Blakes 7. So, yesterday evening in a decidedly nostalgic evening, I sat down to two episodes of each show.

The problem with searching for content on a TV is the search facility which is a pain when the title is 23 characters long and you are using a normal remote control and onscreen keyboard. But I discovered an option to pair the TV with a mobile device. This was remarkably simple and painless! A QR code was showed on screen which connected my mobile phone to the¬†YouTube¬†site and instantly my TV showed I was connected to my Sony phone. The YouTube application on the phone also now showed a “Play to TV” button.

I could, therefore, browse any Youtube video on my mobile phone and once I had found something I wanted to watch, just clicked the “Play to TV” button and within seconds it was playing on the TV. A real Internet based and mobile phone controlled TV remote control.

I do find it remarkable that in all of my searching on the LG website, I had found out nothing about this. However, the simple power of the TV with phone is going to make a massive difference to my TV experience from now on.

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