What we do

Technology is evolving so rapidly in the mobile and Internet space, that it is often difficult to really explain it accurately and simply to a wider audience. In fact, in many larger businesses, it is often internal communications that are equally important.

Root 121 is a company which specialises in understanding, communicating and stimulating new technology and associated business cases in the mobile telecoms, internet and applications industry.

Sometimes, policy changes in the industry can effect what you are doing and require changes in the way you deliver your products or services.

Root 121 can assist your business by listening to what you do. We analyse the technology in your business and articulate a communications strategy based upon the current environment and your situation.

Do you need help to understand and drive the technology agenda in your business?
Do you need to get the support and buy in from your colleagues?
Do you need to work with your peers in the industry to build your market?
Do you need to sell your technology benefits to the wider community for buy-in or uptake?

then Root 121 can help you. Contact us today.